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    Pop quiz: you flip a fair coin 50 times. What is the probability that it lands on heads at least 25 times?

    The number of computations involved in answering that question is staggering. The formulas can cause nightmares.

    "Probability Pro" will tell you that the answer is 55.61% instantly.

    How about this classic? In a room of 23 people, what is the probability that at least two people share the same birthday? Believe it or not, it's 50.73%. This powerful application will explain why, and it will calculate the probability for any number of people.

    How long would it take you to figure out the answers to those questions without "Probability Pro?" How much time do you want to spend checking your homework?

    This application features a rich set of tutorials, examples, and solvers for the following topics:

    - Formulas
    - Venn Diagrams
    - Survey Results
    - Bayes' Theorem
    - Odds
    - Permutations
    - Combinations
    - Taking Balls from Urns
    - Replacement vs. Non-Replacement
    - Independent Events
    - Dice
    - Roulette
    - Lottery
    - Poker
    - General Card Problems
    - Expected Value
    - Birthday Problem
    - Normal Distributions
    - Poisson Distributions

    Most, but not all, topics have solvers.

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