Programming in C++

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    If you want to learn computer programming, this is the place to start! Kevin and Bryan teach in a funny and exciting conversational style with visual explanations as they go. On occasion, they may actually tell a bad joke, sing poorly or include a ridiculous pop culture reference! But if that's ok, you will be rewarded with learning some very dry material, in a fun and exciting series of training videos.

    WiBit.Net courses are based on a cumulative teaching model, so that our courses are often a continuation of a prerequisite course. Our materials are not intended to teach you how to program in a single language. We attempt to avoid duplication of prior materials, to build your skills from the C Language upwards. With this teaching model, you learn how to do something and why it is done that way! We try to make learning how to program easy and entertaining. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer!

    Also, this application does not require an Internet connection, so you can learn at WiBit.Net no matter where you are!

    The time has come. Your destiny is taking shape. You are taking your next big leap in your journey of becoming the greatest software developer the world has ever seen! Well maybe… Don’t hold us liable for that or anything…

    C++ is the most important programming language to learn. If you have gotten this far you probably already know a lot about C++, or at least have heard some things. We are stepping up from our procedural language predecessor (C) and jumping into the world of Object Oriented Programming.

    There are 26 lessons and 144 videos in this course. Total running time is over 12 hours to complete this course end to end.

    This application covers Programming in C++ and encompasses the following topics:
    - Introduction
    - Basic I/O
    - Console I/O
    - File I/O
    - String
    - Dynamic Memory & Exceptions
    - Introduction to Classes
    - Method Overloading
    - Constructors & Destructors
    - Operator Overloading
    - Class Inheritance
    - Virtual & Friendly Functions
    - Namespaces
    - Templates
    - Static Members
    - Threads
    - Delegation
    - Properties
    - Linked List Project
    - Basic Windows GUI
    - Object Oriented Design
    - Integer Class Lab
    - Delegate Class Lab
    - WiBit Stack/Queue Lab
    - Thread Class With Delegate Lab
    - Timer Class Lab

    Recommended Course Order by WiBit.Net:
    1. Introduction to Computer Programming
    2. Programming in C
    3. Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
    4. Programming in C++
    5. Programming in Objective-C
    6. Programming in Java

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