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    Purple Shirted Nerd Presents: Distance, Midpoint, Slope Calculator.

    "Reducing the rote work to help keep you in the creative realm of mathematics."

    Advertisement Free - Just a large, clean, user-friendly, specialized tool for finding Distances, Midpoints, and Slopes.

    Here are three basic formulas that involve entering two ordered pairs. So why not package them all together? A young student of mine actually asked for a distance calculator. Most of our apps are more process driven, but this got me to thinking that here we have three formulas. Each formula is relatively simple, but we may need to use these formulas literally hundreds of times. Why not create the app?

    This app not only calculates distance, midpoint, and slope, it also shows the formulas, so serves as a reference. Slopes are found as improper fractions, provided the denominator will be less than 1000. Otherwise the slope is displayed as a decimal value. Quick easy and clean, with a large display makes this app a pleasure to use. I suspect I may use it more than any of the other apps I have created.

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