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    Learn to speak Punjabi with Punjabi Tutorial App for android. Punjabi Tutorial App makes learning Punjabi language fun and easy! It is an on-the-move Punjabi learning app to help you get started with learning Punjabi language quickly and easily. The app provides extraordinary Punjabi learning experience to the users. The app is a well-blend of both professional and modern language learning concepts.

    The Punjabi Tutorial App comes with a colorful, animated user interface design. It has both recreational and educational features, especially for youngsters. Through this app, users get exposed to all kinds of significant symbols and characters of Punjabi Language. Users can easily learn to pronounce their names in Punjabi and Hindi, along with the music playing in the background. The app encourages users to learn and understand the Punjabi Language quickly and easily.

    With Punjabi Tutorial App users can learn all 40 Punjabi characters. When a user clicks on any character, the image of that specific character appears. Additionally, the app plays sound of that particular character in both Punjabi and Hindi language. The Punjabi Sound Tutorial App is exclusively designed for Tablet users.

    The Punjabi Tutorial App for Android has the following features:

    - Help users to learn Punjabi alphabets as easily as possible.
    - This exclusive app encourages users to learn Punjabi language quickly.
    - In this app, sounds are given in both Punjabi and Hindi language.
    - The app helps users to learn and recognize the Punjabi characters.
    - The app provides pronunciation assistance for all the Punjabi letters.
    - The app has great sound clarity and quality.
    - The app has high-quality, exclusive design to make learning more fun.
    - It has acoustic phonetic characteristics.
    - A very useful app for the beginners, who want to learn Punjabi promptly.
    - The app is your sole guide to learn Punjabi Language.

    The Punjabi Tutorial App for Android is simple and easy way to learn Punjabi. It is a user-friendly app, which helps users to learn Punjabi on-the-go effortlessly. Users can learn the basics of Punjabi language in a very organized and structured manner. With Punjabi Sound Tutorial, users can learn Punjabi language anywhere, anytime. It’s as easy as taping a character and users can start learning Punjabi. Users can learn day-to-day words in Punjabi language along with music in the background to make learning more enjoyable.

    Download Punjabi Tutorial App now! It’s fun!

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