Quadratic Equation Solver ML




    Quadratic Equation Solver calculates the discriminant and the roots of a quadratic equation that can be real and complex.
    Depending on the discriminant a quadratic equation has one or two distinct real roots, or two distinct complex roots.
    To solve a quadratic equation, enter the coefficients 'a', 'b' and c, and click 'Solve'.
    If the coefficient 'a' is zero, the equation is a linear equation.
    If the linear coefficient is zero, enter b = 0.
    If there is no constant term, enter c = 0.
    The coefficients of the equation can be whole numbers and decimals, the integer and fractional parts of which are separated by a decimal point.
    The result of calculation can be easily copied.
    Quadratic Equation Solver ML supports a multi-language interface, including English, Czech, German, Russian, and French localization.
    Requirements: Adobe AIR.

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