Quadratic Equation Solver

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    A handy calculator with steps that solves a wide range of quadratic equations with real and complex roots.


    Solving quadratic equations (second degree equations or 2nd degree equations) with real and complex roots.

    Quadratic equation calculator with steps.

    Quadratic equation solver calculates the discriminant and the roots of a quadratic equation using the quadratic formula.

    Calculator for solving quadratic equations with fractions and parentheses. Note: the calculator does not solve equations with a variable in the denominator.

    The quadratic equation calculator solves complete and incomplete 2nd degree equations.

    The quadratic equation calculator provides built-in formats for solving quadratic equations in the form ax^2 + bx + c = 0, ax^2 + bx = 0 and ax^2 + c = 0.
    To solve a quadratic equation using a pre-defined format just enter the values of ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’, and click Solve. You can enter integer numbers, decimals and fractions.

    Quadratic equation solver stores history with the possibility to recall previous quadratic equations.

    'Undo' for the Clear command.

    Requirements: Adobe AIR.

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