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    Matter is made of atoms, atoms are made of electrons and nucelus. Nucleus is made of protons and neutrons. And protons and neutrons are made of quarks. Quarks act in strange ways to human perception. What if matter acted like quarks? This app is made to raise questions and spur interest in science and especially quantum physics.

    The particles in this simulation move like an hybrid of regular atoms and quarks. Actual quark behaviour as theorized now is too complex to simulate and would be too unusal for us to enjoy. So it is simplified in lots of ways. Two ways this simulation resembles quark behaviour is that particles have a constant force bond between them, unlike atoms where force diminishes with distance and new paticles are formed when enough energy is stored, which is very weird from a human point of view. It is like streching a rubber band and getting two rubber bands of the same size as the initial one. Yes, quarks act in weird ways, world in quantum scale is weird, we hope this will excite you.

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