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    No language in the world is less important! Resulam, Resurrection of Minor Languages ​​has the ultimate goal of putting on the same page all the world's languages​​. This series of quiz is just a prototype of what Resulam intends to produce about Cameroonian languages​​. It contains 18 of more than 200 languages ​​that Cameroon has:

    1- Awing (Bambuluwe, Mbwe’wi, Awing-Bambaluwe, Mezam, Bamenda, Nord-Ouest)
    2- Badwe’e (Badjoue, Bajue, Bajwe’e, Koozime, Nzime, Koonzime, Est)
    3- Bakaka (Mbǒ, Ehob Mkaa, Nkongsamba)
    4- Basaa (Sawa, Bassa, Litoral)
    5- Bulu (Béti, Beti-Fang, Centre)
    6- Douala (Sawa, Ewale, Litoral)
    7- Eton (Béti, Beti-Fang, Centre)
    8- Ewondo (Béti, Beti-Fang, Centre)
    9- Fe'efe'e (Nufi, Bafang, Bamiléké, Bamileke, Ouest)
    10- Fulfulde (Nord)
    11- Ghomala' (Bafoussam, Bamiléké, Bamileke, Ouest)
    12- Medumba (Madumba, Bangangté, Bamiléké, Bamileke, Ouest)
    13- Mungaka (Bali, Bamenda, Bamiléké, Bamileke, Nord-Ouest)
    14- Nda'nda' (Bangwa, Bamiléké, Bamileke, Ouest)
    15- Nuasue, Yangben, Yambassa, Mbam & Inoubou, Bafia
    16- Shʉ̄pāmə̀m (Bamoun, Bamiléké, Bamileke, Ouest)
    17- Yemba (Dshang, Bamiléké, Bamileke, Ouest)
    18- Nguiembong, Nguiemboon, Bamboutos, Mbouda, Bamileke

    All the languages ​​of Cameroon will be represented at the end of this Herculean project.
    It is important to note that, for now, the prototype is produced by people who are not from the respective villages corresponding to the languages presented here. Kindly report errors, and let us know if you are interested in working with us in order to enhance this application.
    We count on your cooperation and support to achieve this work. Please support the team if you like what Resulam is doing.

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