QuiziWizi is a Interesting Quiz app. It is useful for both students who are planning to appear in different competitive examinations. It will also helpful for the

    aptitude test preparation. This Quiz app presently have the following subjects:GK, GI, History, Geography, Science and Reasoning.

    Are you ready to test your knowledge and skills with QuiziWizi?

    Here you go:
    1) Instal the app.
    2) Select your desired subject among the GK, GI, History, Geography, Science and Reasoning.
    3) Then choose a level. Please note you have to clear a lower level to unlock a higher level. i.e you can enter into level 2 only after clearing level 1 and so on.
    4) Then you have to answer 10 questions of that level within 90 seconds.
    5) If you timed out then have to start that level from the beginning.
    6) After completing a level you can share your score with Facebook, Whats app and other available app of your mobile. Please share options depend on the sharable apps

    which are already installed in your mobile.
    7) You can also Skip this share options.

    Go ahead and download the app!!

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