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    Rambam Plus - All the hands in the palm of your hand for free!

    The entire book of Mishneh Torah (HaYad HaChazaka), in precise and punctuated form, is explained briefly and thoroughly in Maimonides' method according to the Rambam.

    If you have a technical problem or have comments of any kind, please contact us through the feedback option in the application, or write directly to: We can not email you with users who write comments through Google Play, so if you're having trouble, please contact us directly.

    Application properties:

    * Search for the Rambam - Beta!
    * Comfortable design and navigation for smartphones.
    * Control the size of the script and display the score (look in the "Settings" menu).
    * Ability to change the font in the application.
    * Click on the Rambam's text and the explanation appears!
    * Suitable for study everywhere - on the journey, as a writer, during recess - as Maimonides instructs his student: "And he will be your book and teach him everywhere in order to obtain his benefit."
    * Direct access to the daily section of the daily Maimonides.

    Content attributes:

    * Exact text, according to manuscripts, dotted and divided.
    * Topics of chapters and sub-topics embedded in the chapter.
    * Concise commentary in simple language, according to Maimonides' method in all his writings.
    * The commentary is full of introductions, summaries, tables and hundreds of original illustrations.
    * Table of the structure of the chapters for each Halachot division (corresponding to the titles of the chapters and the subheadings).
    * For all the laws of the group of laws pertaining to the division.
    * The commentary was prepared in cooperation with volunteers and many institutions, including: Yeshivat Or VeShi'ah; Yeshiva Torat Hayyim; The "Institute of Torah and Land" (Zeraim), the Temple Institute (Labor, Victims and Priests), the Land Law Institute (damages, property, trials and judges).
    * More about the text and the explanation:

    (C) All Rights Reserved. Mishneh Torah encourages the use of text to increase Torah. For use of texts - please contact

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    Yevgeny Yurovitsky

    by Yevgeny Yurovitsky

    Jan 08, 2018  |  "Awesome"

    הרמב"ם המושלם.

    Michael Leo Samuel

    by Michael Leo Samuel

    Dec 31, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Amazing program.

    Zac Storch

    by Zac Storch

    Dec 22, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    מעולה, מדויק ויעיל, תודה רבה

    Moishie Blumberger

    by Moishie Blumberger

    Dec 21, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Best rambam yet

    baruch aron

    by baruch aron

    Dec 20, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    מאד יפה וענייני. אמנם יש כמה דברים שצריך תיקון! ובעיקר זה שהם (מחברי הפירוש) לוקחים יותר מדי קרדיט לעצמם להעיר על דברים שהם חושבים שהם יכולים לחלוק על הרמב"ם משום איזה גוי שחושב אחרת וכו' וד"ל ואין להאריך! גם דוחפים עניינים של ציונות שאין לזה שום שייכות ללימוד הרמב"ם! חוץ מהנ"ל הכל בסדר ויפה! תודה רבה.

    אלעד צחי

    by אלעד צחי

    Dec 13, 2017  |  "Poor"

    אז למה הוא צריך הרשאה גם לגלריה שלי, לאנשי קשר ולעוד מסמכים בטלפון? מה אתם עושים עם המידע הזה?