Random Student (for Teachers)

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    ★ ★ VERSION 2 of the app has just been released in March 2014 ★ ★
    There is a free Demo for version 2 you can try out with 1 class if you would like to test the app before purchasing. If your device runs Android 4.0 or higher you should try the version 2 link below.
    Version 2 Google Play App Demo Link

    This app allows the teacher to enter up to 20 different class lists of up to 99 students per class. The teacher can then tap on the random button to select a student from the list randomly. It also allows allows the teacher to create groups of students from sizes 2 - 6.

    -Record student absent so their names are not called.
    -Keep track of number of times that student is called on
    -Keep track of correct and incorrect responses
    -Call student at random and have device speak name out aloud
    -Generate random student groups of 2-6 students and then select a student randomly in each group if needed.
    -Customize groups individually by moving students who cannot work together
    -Backup/Import data from Dropbox

    I have found that students enjoy the Speak Aloud feature in my classroom and participation is more equitable and students really do participate more. Perhaps users will find another setting where this app may be useful

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