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Reading flashcards, SENTENCES

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    This app contains the second part of the program for the early learning of reading by the use of flashcards of Educamigos, featuring the flashcards showing single simple and complex sentences.

    You can complement it with the app of the first part of the program, which features the flashcards showing single words and pairs of words, also available at Google Play. Besides, in Google Play you can also find our apps with the flashcards for teaching math, and our apps with the flashcards for teaching encyclopedic knowledge to your baby. All of them are available in english, spanish and catalan. For further information go to:

    The program with the reading flashcards of Educamigos has been developed following the recommendations of the Doman method, which is widely recognized as one of the more effective early learning methods for children. It is based on the scientific proof that children have an enormous capacity to acquire information, and that it is then advisable to foster the development of the children’s brain through early learning activities, to increase their capacity of learning afterwards, at school.

    This app features 429 sessions of reading flashcards aimed at teaching the children the sentences that can be built with the words we know. The sentences are shown in red type on a white background (or in black type when they are complex), so that the children can distinguish them effortlessly, and they are showed and passed for just a second. Simultaneously, an audio says the sentence shown on the screen.

    The program can be used with two different users, and it records separately the data on the sessions done by each one. It also features an automatic system that facilitates the execution of the flashcards sessions orderly and according to the recommendations of the method.

    On top of that, it also features a customization tool for adapting the presentation of the flashcards to any preference, with the following options:

    - Change the color of the words: red, black, green or blue
    - Change the exposure time of the flashcards: for the number of seconds you want
    - Change the font type: lower case, upper case, italic
    - Select the specific flashcards session to be run

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