Real English Shopping & Dining

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    The very best Shopping & Dining” English application!
    You will LOVE THIS App!
    Are you planning to travel abroad?
    This App is a must and will have you speaking English fluently and confidently
    in no time! Now you can learn and practice Real English words, phrases,
    questions and answers before you reserve your next trip.

    Real English at a restaurant and shopping is a down-to-earth,
    bare-bones introduction to English that aims
    to make your trip abroad as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

    This app will prepare you to travel abroad in a limited time by focusing on
    what is most essential English to you and cutting out
    all the unnecessary vocabulary and grammar.

    This app contains key sentences for many different situations
    that are used in a restaurant and shopping.
    It will help you because all the phrases are Real English that are regularly used in America.

    It's broken down into sections . . .
    - Greeting
    - Saying thanks
    - Asking and talking for information
    - Asking and talking about a location
    - Shopping
    - Bar & Restaurant
    - Making Reservations
    - Ordering
    - Asking for help
    - Asking & talking about Quality

    . . . so you can focus in on a section that you need, master it,
    then move to another section. After you've been through it all,
    you can then start combining different phrases and make some great sentences.
    It's got a lot of material in it, so start early when you decide to use it.
    It’s a great App to have whenever you go shopping, or dining at a restaurant.

    You will LOVE THIS App! It is so easy to study and understand.
    It focuses on the basics of the Real English language for you to be able to
    communicate even if you have only two weeks left before your trip to America!

    This Real English App will be the best buy you’ve ever made!

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