Real English Survival

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    The very best Survival English application!
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    Fantastic comprehensive Survival English
    This is the best Survival English App you will come across.
    This Real English Survival will prepare you to travel in America
    in a limited time by focusing on what is most practical to you and
    cut out all the unnecessary vocabulary and grammar.

    This Real English App is a must-have for a beginner who needs to speak English fast!
    This book is practical; focusing on pronunciation for many of
    the common phrases used to interact with native English Speakers.

    Learn how to make a call in English, understand the other caller,
    - asking questions at a golf course, asking questions at a pharmacy,
    - asking questions at a medical center,
    - asking questions at a spa,
    - making statement at a bank,
    - looking for a residence,
    - being a host, greeting,
    - expressing thanks,
    - asking & talking about jobs and interest,
    - and asking & talking about personal plans,
    - and much, much more!

    This Real English Survival App will help you feel confident and knowledgeable
    during your trip abroad. The vocabulary it includes is great - extremely helpful.

    Must Have
    This Survival English App is absolutely great!
    The best Real English Survival App! If I didn't have this App for your 2 weeks vacation,
    you wouldn’t know how you would survive!

    This App has all the essential words and phrases you need.
    It’s very helpful and very practical. We recommend it to anyone who is interested
    in learning a little bit of the English language,
    or who is thinking of taking a vacation in America.
    Great Real English Survival App!
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