RED SEAL Hairstylist EXAM Prep

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    100 Multiple Choice Red Seal Prep EXAM questions for HAIRSTYLIST (Cosmetology) Trade.

    This is a test which you need 70% to pass to resemble the official exam for Journeyman Candidates of the HAIRSTYLIST (Cosmetology) trade.
    The test will give you 100 randomly selected questions from our database testing your knowledge within the trade. If you do not have time for a full test, with in the options menu you can select four smaller versions of 75 questions, 50 questions, 25 questions or a real quick: 10 questions.

    Note: This is NOT a real test and the results to which you score on this test will not reflect or have any baring on obtaining your official Certificate of Qualification. This is for study purposes ONLY! This test will bring the convenience of being able to study and test yourself anywhere you go. Mobile Studying will keep you skills sharp and exam ready!