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    CoachLeader: A Daily Support for School Leaders

    If you are a school leader with a strong desire to propel yourself and others to think and produce at higher levels, this APP is like having your own coach at your fingertips!

    RESULTSCoach© was developed by Coaching For Results, Inc. (CFR) to support YOU in your use of the most current research from neuroscience, motivation, trust and change.

    About to have a conversation with staff or other members of your learning community and you’re wondering how best to prepare yourself for a successful conversation?  With just one click on your RESULTSCoach© APP, you will be reminded of language that has the most powerful impact for bringing out the best in all members of the learning community. 

    You’ll find conversation tools just a click away – ready for a quick review before you enter into your next conversation – to turn that conversation into a powerhouse of possibilities that are focused on solutions. If you’re wondering how to best move through a conversation, just click on the CFR Navigation System© and find the right coaching tool for your conversation. You’ll find a map for a reflective conversation, a planning conversation, a goal-setting conversation or a conversation that is calling out for a solution. This APP even has a journal for you to reflect on your thinking – another critical behavior for a successful school leader.

    Coaching For Results, Inc. created this APP to accelerate our mission to help school leaders like you achieve extraordinary results, both professionally and personally. If you are interested in becoming an even more confident, competent, and courageous school leader who leads your school to high performance, you won’t want to miss out on this APP.  Your desire to change the way you lead and move from the old, traditional top down directive leadership to the new leader of the 21st century will be supported by this APP. This APP will assist you in increasing your ability to motivate and inspire others to be their best selves.

    We are proud to offer you this APP and invite you to contact us with suggestions for future updates.

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