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    To raise a smart rich kid, you absolutely have to watch what you DO with money, what you SAY about money and from the EXPERIENCES you're providing your children with regard to money. Oh yes, in Part 1, I shared 3 other essential steps. Have you put them into action? They are useful, aren't they?

    Let's take a closer look at these '4 Steps' and what you can do.

    Step 1. If You Play Financial Intelligence Board Games, Then You'll Teach Your Kids Valuable Skills While They're Having Fun!

    Did you play board games when you were a child? Games are fun; they teach vital human interaction skills; you get powerful feedback and this leads to self discovery; they encourage risk taking and we learn valuable financial skills.

    Here's what I invite you to do:
    Start playing financial board games - play them often....and you can, can't you?

    Step 2. If You Find Mentors For Your Children, You'll Lessen Their Daily Challenges and Frustrations!

    For me, mentors have been truly helpful in taking me from where I am to where I want to such a short period of time...and...whenever I want to achieve something in business or in my personal of the first things I do is seek out a mentor who has already achieved it ....and...someone who knows how to help others to achieve that as well.

    Here's what I invite you to do:

    Read books about people
    Listen to audio program
    Watch DVDs and relevant TV programs - biographical ones

    Step 3. If You Give Your Children an Allowance, Then They'll Become Self-reliant and Responsible ...and Develop Some Simple, Powerful Money Habits.

    Allowances can either a good thing or a bad all depends on how you, the parent, use it...what experiences your child has.

    Here's what I invite you to do:

    Give your kids an allowance where they are learning to save, invest, donate and spend wisely the amount they have been given.
    Let them make mistakes with a small amount...far better than making a huge mistake later in life that has serious consequences.

    Step 4. If You Reveal To Your Child The Missing Intelligence NOT Taught At School - Financial Intelligence...Then They Won't Struggle Through Life!

    Did you study a subject at school called "Wealth 101"? I certainly didn't. In many of our schools today, such an important life skill is still not available to our kids. It is up to us as parents to show them how.

    Here's what I invite you to do:

    Involve your children in how to save, to pay themselves first, to invest (short and long term; introduce them to the magic of compounding), to donate and to spend wisely.

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