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    Are you a Heritage Guru?

    This Heritage Quiz app welcomes you to take a sneak peek and refresh your knowledge of Independence Hall. And as a surprise prize, we will show you one unique pictorial of this unique Heritage site for every correct answer – Interactive, Lively and Randomized Suspense while you check the facts.

    Independence Hall is a cultural heritage site and is witness to two critical events in the history of mankind. The Independence Hall building has witnessed the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and the framing of the Constitution of the USA in 1787. The Declaration of Independence was signed here and hence this building can be considered to be the birthplace of USA. For tourists, Independence Park offers rare insights to the glory and birth pangs of a great nation and rare human endeavors.

    This quiz app on Independence Hall invites you to a journey of the battle of wits, fun while priding on your knowledge of your Heritage. Show off, amaze, dazzle, startle, and most importantly instill the pride of our culture, our heritage and our precious world with your knowledge.

    And yes, most importantly, unlike most other apps, you are NOT connected to any external site that keeps tracking you and your device usage behavior – ensuring complete privacy.

    No Disturbing Ads. No Unpleasant Ads. NO ADS.
    SUPER SAFE (NO Connection to HIDDEN Servers on the Internet after initial download).
    PURE OFFLINE USAGE (Usable in any zero connectivity area such as a remote National Park).
    COST of APP - Pass on the heritage facts you already know – Knowledge Shared is Knowledge Gained.

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