S-Cool's Memory Secrets

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    S-Cool's Memory Secrets

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    Having a good memory is vital if you want to get top-grades. Students always worry about forgetting their notes and consequently being unable to answer the questions. Fortunately memory like most things can be trained and improved. Much like a muscle, if you are able to work your memory regularly you improve your ability to remember important information. The S-cool Memory App contains 52 proven memory tips and tricks to help you remember your GCSE and A-Level revision notes and increase your overall memory power.

    Some of the topics include:

    Learning how to make revision more stimulating so that it is stored in your long-term memory.
    Using visualisation techniques so that your mind can recreate your most important notes.
    Grouping your revision material so that your brain can store the information in a more organised fashion.
    Forming associations with day-to-day activities and objects so that they trigger useful memories.
    How to teach others so that you become the expert and remember your notes!
    Turning your revision notes into memorable stories and songs.

    The features of the App includes:

    A Scrollable Menu to get to all of the advice quickly.
    A Reminders Section so that you can store your most important slip-ups for easy access.
    Social-media sharing capabilities so that you can help your friends out!
    52 proven memory techniques to boost your grades.
    Appropriate for all of the examining bodies!

    “If you improve your memory you will improve your grades.”