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Salt Ghost

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    Salt Ghost – Return of the Nitro Express

    In the 1960’s and 1970’s legions of speed freaks blasted down the drag strips and dry lakes of Southern California on their two-wheeled tickets to thrills. Others campaigned machines at the famed Bonneville Salt Flats. What happened to these purpose built motorcycles? The vast majority of them have disappeared into the mists of time. Disassembled and used for restoring soulless stockers or simply left to rust in that old basement or barn. Once in a while one turns up and gets sold to a museum or carefully displayed in some motorcycle shop owner’s office. Rarely if ever again do they get to see their beloved battleground. The dry lake or salt flat.

    The Return of the Nitro Express is the story of one racer that did not get put away and retired. Thanks to two present cowboy speed junkies who have turned their backs on modern technology and dance with dangerous old motorcycles, the Salt Ghost will be reborn…or will it? Watch as Wes and Tyler attempt to bring the Nitro Express back where it all began, to the dry and hot Bonneville Salt Flats where legends are born in blood, sweat and gears!

    Salt Ghost Chapters
    - Introduction
    - Wes White & Tyler Malinky
    - Bike History Fritz Kott
    - El Mirage Dry Lake Races
    - Theo Ozen
    - Preparing the Salt Ghost
    - Test Run
    - Off to the Salt Flats
    - Salt Ghost Review & Preparation
    - Out on the Salt Flats
    - First Run
    - Making Adjustments
    - Second Run
    - Third Run
    - Fourth Run
    - The Results
    - Theo Ozen

    Featuring Wes White and Tyler Malinky. Content created by Four Aces Cycle Supply and Lowbrow Customs.

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