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    Savvy Browser & Dictionary/TTS makes reading and listening in a foreign language as convenient as it can possibly be.

    The most effective and fun way to learn languages and to improve your language skills is reading. It enables you master the language faster than any other method, gives you more knowledge than any other method. Without any dedicated learning , just by practicing reading, which is in itself entertaining and useful. Try reading in a foreign language, you will love the excitement of understanding! Reading is the key to vocabulary acquisition and retention, and to grammar as well, to language acquisition as a whole.

    Are you an English speaker who wants to learn a second language, say, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German or Russian? The best way to do it is to take a short introductory course (if you have not done it already, maybe Michel Thomas or Pimsleur, or perhaps Rosetta Stone) and then just read! Read Spanish/Portuguese/French/Italian/German/Russian) news and articles. Improve your vocabulary, learn words, phrases and idioms without memorization effort, improve spelling, grammar, reading and oral comprehension, all your language knowledge and skills.

    Are you a Spanish (Brazilian/Portuguese/French/Italian/German/Russian) speaker who wants to learn English? Or improve your English? Maybe preparing for TOEFL? You most probably don't need a basic course, have already done that. Then don't spend money on English courses, textbooks and tutorial apps, and sure don't spend time on them! No more studying. Just read in English! Read English web pages, English articles, English news, English books. You will soon have better vocabulary than many native English speakers. And good grasp of grammatical structure of English, without actually learning grammar, without doing a single grammar exercise, without memorizing! No study, tutorials, quizzes, flashcards. You don't need tutors. Be your own tutor! read about interesting things, things that you would be enjoying reading about in any language!

    Not just read, also listen! Let our app speak it, read aloud. Text-to-speech facilities in Savvy Browser are designed to help non-native speakers, to make listening comprehension easy. Listening to web pages and articles, listening with the ability to switch from normal speech to word-by-word dictation and back, to repeat what you missed with one tap, following in the text synchronized with speech or without looking at the screen (in a special "remote control" mode) - it helps you understand native speakers, their pronunciation and rapid speech. Listening practice will make you fluent. You will soon become fluent, will be able to listen and watch TV, videos, audio, any speech in the language. Our text-to-speech features make listening interactive, combine visual and audio comprehension, help train fluency.

    Dictionary features:

    -- Translate words or look up their definitions without leaving the browser:

    -built-in dictionary; immediate, just tap the word,
    -or use the best dictionary sites on the web without leaving your article in the browser,
    -or use a definition dictionary.

    - Make notes in the text beside the words that you look up. Just select what you want to include in the note by tapping phrases in the dictionary.

    Practice makes perfect. Language learning through reading and listening, self-learning, is useful to all categories of language learners, from beginners to advanced learners, but perhaps benefits intermediate and advanced learners the most. It is the best way for exercise, for continuing improvement. Whatever your level, reading is the key. Even for beginners, after some brief introductory course. It is easy to do on the go. It can be done at your own pace, however you want it, bite-sized, just minutes when you have them, or hours of enjoying a good book, enjoying the culture and perfecting the language at the same time.

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