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    Savvy YouTube & Dictionary combines entertainment with foreign language learning. YouTube is a treasure trove of language learning, and our Savvy YouTube & Dictionary app opens it for you. It uses YouTube videos with closed captions (subtitles), shows videos synchronized with text. Unlike the basic subtitle interface showing just one line, it gives you full text with highlighting synchronized with video/audio enhanced with powerful dictionary lookup and note making interface.

    You can listen to songs synchronized with lyrics text, listen to classic poetry and drama, watch movies in any language, in fact, listen and watch whatever is on YouTube (and there is A LOT), and read the text simultaneously, automatically synchronized.

    If you are learning English or want to improve your English, there are hundreds interesting English documentaries and other videos on YouTube. There are also classical literature audiobooks that you can use in our app, such as Shakespeare plays and many others. For example, we can recommend The16ThCavern channel that has hundreds of audiobooks (mainly from Librivox) on YouTube that you can use in our app.

    If you are an English speaker wanting to acquire a second language, maybe Spanish or Portuguese or Italian (or German or Russian), you will find hundreds of very interesting documentaries in those languages on YouTube as well.

    We especially recommend YouTube documentaries to language learners, because they usually have excellent, clear native speech, so in addition to learning vocabulary you will get first class training in correct native pronunciation. Just one example: an excellent Spanish documentary series Historia de España.

    In our app, you have all dictionaries at your fingertips in the text while you listen/watch and the synchronized text follows along. Our dictionary features provide the maximum convenience possible: Without leaving the text, you can get translation and/or definition of any word by just tapping it (even without Internet connection, as the app has built-in downloadable English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, and Russian dictionaries), or immediately see its translations and definitions from the best online dictionaries in any language.

    You can make notes in the text beside the words that you look up. Just select what you want to include in the note by tapping phrases in the dictionary. You can also review your notes in a list with features helping reviewing and memorizing, like sorts, flashcard-like features, and text-to-speech dictation so you can listen to you word lists, memorizing them while jogging, ironing, commuting, etc.

    Listening and following along in the text is a powerful language learning method. It is also fun, like karaoke, especially with music. By listening to even short segments often, with repetition, you enrich your vocabulary, become fluent in the language. It is the best way to commit words to memory, without cramming, without spending time and effort on memorizing. It combines visual and audio comprehension, trains fluency.

    Just by watching interesting video documentaries and movies and listening to songs you love, you will soon become fluent, your vocabulary will match that of native speakers. You will get a grasp of grammatical structure of English or whatever language you learn, without learning grammar, without a single grammar exercise, without memorizing! No study, tutorials, quizzes, flashcards. You don’t need tutors. Savvy YouTube & Dictionary is the best language tutor you can find!

    Notes: The app does not store content (except for user notes), so it cannot be used for piracy. Authors of YouTube videos get their view credit when a user views a video in our app, because we require the user to press the button on the YouTube player to start the video. The user is allowed to add 10 videos per day free, with optional in-app purchase of a month of unlimited videos for a very low price to exceed that limit.

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