- Third Beta Release!

    Shine Brite Kids is a fun interactive Story Adventure for Children ages 3-12. Your child will be able to customize a little kid in our kid builder to join in their adventures. They can have up to 8 user profiles within the app. From there its on to the story adventures. In this Third Beta Release there are 3 Stories for your child to choose from.

    - The Garden - Your child will learn about the power of Positive thinking with Shine Brite Kid Tarra. Plant a garden and sort the weeds from the flowers.

    - Monkey Mono - Teach Monkey Mono the Importance of treating others how we would like to be treated with Shine Brite Kid Sophie. Have fun sharing Bananas, helping out, and learning the Golden Rule.

    - The Circus - Help Willie Wonderful at his Not So Wonderful Circus to learn the importance of diligence. Help clean up the Willie's act as well as his very messy circus.

    Now your Child will be able to play 2 fun new games with the Star Points they have been saving up.

    About - We provide a fun interactive system for teaching Christ Centered Values and Success Principles. We believe that:
    In a world where morals, values, principles, and all that is good are believed to be a thing of the past, we know that they are the future. Our mission is to help better the future by teaching every child to Shine Brite!

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