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    The Scholarship and Grant Savvy application is a list of Real financial resources. It includes researched articles, videos and tweets. We developed the application to help single mothers and other people in of grants and scholarships.

    You will find information for business, government, single mothers, low income, minorities, Hispanics and international grants and scholarships.

    I'm a graduate of The Ohio State University and received a Master's Degree from Full Sail University. I’ve seen a lot of people go into a huge amount of debt because of student loans. There’s millions of dollars in free funds that go unspent every year simply because people don’t know about it. Therefore, I created this application to make sure people don’t have to go into debt. Or maybe the can reduce the amount of debt that they take.

    In addition there are tons of business grants from the government as well. A company’s ability to access capital can make or break them. Also, you will pay taxes! Some of the taxes that you’re already paying are going towards grants so feel free to use them when you can find them.

    You will also find internship, research, government internships, grant writing, and information on government contracts here as well.

    We really want to help people and we've put a lot into creating this application with no budget or resources. If you find this useful, feel free to give a good rating. In return we will continue to update this application and give you additional resources.

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