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    ScholarChip's School Bus Attendance App is designed specifically for K-12 transportation. The App tracks student ridership in a safe and non-intrusive way, stop by stop. Knowing when a student got on or off the bus accounts for a major portion of parent calls to schools and it's information schools must have available. Especially in an emergency situation.

    Details on How it Works:

    To record bus attendance, students tap their contactless smart photo ID-card onto an Android NFC tablet mounted onto the bus’ dashboard. The tablet’s screen faces the operator. With each tap of the student’s card bus entry or exit will be recorded.

    Once the bus driver selects the route, the App will display a color thumbnail photo and the name of each student assigned to a stop. Bus stops are listed in sequence on the left side of screen. As the students tap their cards the screen’s background will flash a color: green for an “on” tap, blue after an “off” tap, and red for an “error”. Errors are displayed when a student taps onto a bus to which they are not assigned, or taps on or off at a stop to which they are not assigned. The bus operator may tap onto the student’s photo to register the entry or exit of a cardless student. At the route’s end the App displays any students that have not tapped off the bus.

    For School Bus Administrators:

    The administrator’s management site aggregates both current and historical bus attendance data. District-wide bus attendance data is displayed for all buses, for a single bus, and for a single student. Bus attendance data views display current riders, all exits and all exceptions. A map interface shows bus location and the last location at which a student tapped their smart ID. These maps may be organized from a district view of all buses, down to a specific bus route or bus stop.

    The solution provides:
    • Smart-ID token issuance
    • Near-to real time data collection of student ridership tracking/bus attendance
    • Near-to real time reporting for every bus stop
    • Document management (photos, bus routes, vacation notice, maintenance records, parent notes, etc.)

    ScholarChip provides NFC Android tablets, and the required mounting hardware. Alternatively, schools may outfit each bus with an Android NFC tablet. Schools may provide cellular service data plans.

    ScholarChip’s Bus Attendance App is a component of a suite of automated K-12 attendance services, used daily by hundreds of schools, and proven to improve student safety.

    To learn more about ScholarChip go to our website:
    Or call Terrence McGivney at 212-255-8005 x.212

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