School Directory




    Call, text or email anyone in your PTO school directory or parent teacher organization

    Receive alerts about upcoming events, items for sale, email blasts, uploaded flyers and more.

    Order items for sale directly from your School Directory App.

    Keep up to date with “on-the-go” access to all of your student’s school activities.

    The School Directory App from the Paperless PTO is a tool that will prove beneficial to everyone in your children’s school. This iPhone and Android app is a mobile version of your website where all app data is always in sync with your website. This means that any updates to your group’s directory will immediately be reflected in both the directory app and on your website.

    No longer will delays or typos result in mistakes in your directory.

    Plus you can view teacher directories, classroom directories, board member directories, staff directories, and your group’s calendar.

    Even more impressive is the 100% guaranteed delivery of your email blasts. No longer will spam filters and junk folders get in the way of receiving these email blasts. Every email blast will always make it to your school directory app.

    Other features include adding an optional personalized security code that needs to be entered every time you open the app.

    Advertisers on your website will also have their ads shown on the app. This will result in a greater demand for local merchants who will want to advertise with your group.

    Stay tuned for more. This app is always adding new features.

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