Sci Quiz Grade 6




    Sci Quiz Grade 6 is a fun science quiz for 6th Graders to challenge their knowledge!

    Kids know so much nowadays and it’s important for them to keep track of their progress...

    Wouldn't it be great for them to test their own knowledge with interactive quizzes? Well, now they can with Sci Quiz Grade 6, all on their Android device!

    With 200 questions, Sci Quiz Grade 6 is the best way for your pupils to support their learning and also have fun doing it. Why make your students read or even recite from dull textbooks when they could be using their knowledge to engage in interesting quizzes specifically designed with the age-appropriate curriculum in mind.

    Why not test yourself and see if you’re actually smarter than a 10 year old?

    Challenge yourself and challenge your students/kids with Sci Quiz for 6th Graders!

    Categories include:

    ✬ Measurement
    ✬ Energy
    ✬ Force and Motion
    ✬ Simple Machines
    ✬ Space Systems
    ✬ Elements and Compounds
    ✬ Properties of Matter
    ✬ Earth Systems
    ✬ Living Systems
    ✬ Using Earth's Resources
    ✬ A comprehensive final

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