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    This Application gives you an experience of Asian brush calligraphy.
    Undo function is not implemented, because I want you to feel 'ta-dah!' and 'oh-oh!' by your writing result.

    How to:
    [Clear] Button ... exchange the paper to new one.
    [XX pt] List ... change the stroke width.
    [Load] Button ... load exemplar image.
    [Save] Button ... save your artwork.
    [Advanced] Button ... change to Advanced Mode.

    [Load] > [Select Exemplar Images]
    [Built-in images] ... select in built-in images.
    [External images] ... (beta) select images(.jpg,.png) on your device.
    [Blank Paper] ... without exemplar image.

    [Advanced] > ON
    [Dip] Button ... dip the brush to ink (to charge the ink meter at the upper right).
    [Seal] Button ... put your seal on the paper (When you tap on this button, a setting dialog is opened. And you drag and drop seal, then you can put it on the paper).

    * When you tap the [Dip] Button, you keep tapping and moving, as if you dipped a brush to ink.
    * When you rotate your device's screen, the paper view will be cleared.
    You'd better lock on the screen rotation.
    * Your artworks are saved to DCIM/Camera folder.
    The filepath is shown by Toast when you save it.
    * [Load]>[External images] shows a dialog for selecting files. It takes a time for loading images to display thumbnails on the file list, when a target folder has many files.
    * The seal can put the first letter of the string you edit.

    Release Note:
    1.5: You can select a folder to save images.
    (it need a permission of writing to storage)
    A bug fixed (Some devices might be crashed on booting this app.)
    1.4.1:You can choose a type of the seal (a red character or a white character).
    Menu buttons' design was improved.
    A bug fixed (Even if the seal's string is null, you can put a seal on the paper).
    1.4: [Seal] Button was added.
    [Load]>[External images] was implemented (beta).
    A bug fixed (Some devices might be crashed on saving a image file is failed).
    An exemplar image "SMILE" was added.
    1.3.1: A bug fixed (Some devices might be crashed on booting this app.)
    1.3: [Advanced] Button was added.
    [Save] confirmation dialog was added.
    [32pt] and [48pt] were added to [XX pt] List.
    Exemplar images "HOPE" was added.
    1.2: [Load] Button was implemented.
    Exemplar images "LOVE" and "PEACE" were added.
    1.1: [Save] Button was implemented.
    1.0: Initial Version.

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