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    SimPlates brings you the world’s largest collection of real-world IFR approach (and other) charts for the serious flight simulation enthusiast to your fingertips! SimPlates is not a flight simulator program in and of itself, but can be used as a companion on your android tablet or phone-type device concurrently with your enjoyment of your preferred computerized desktop flight simulation program to help expand the realism and excitement of the experience. SimPlates has been called "a must have for the serious flight simulator enthusiast" and "a great addition to your flight sim bag" by major flight simulation websites in independent reviews.

    ++THE VERSION NOW AVAILABLE HERE IS OF THE NEW 'SIMPLATES ULTRA' version which is a great leap forward in terms of plate coverage to the previous generation of SimPlates. Moreover, we have now addressed all of the known issues with the app on every Android platform that we have encountered. The app looks and works great -- we sincerely thank those early purchasers who patiently worked with us through niggles in early versions and offer a virtual kick in the behind to the one guy who wrote us a bad review rather than allowing us to promptly help him. Thank you all for the great feedback and kind words about SimPlates on simulator forums. We're glad you're enjoying the massive number of plates (way more than any other sim product has - including expensive subscription bases services) and we continue to update the plate database further with more plates still.



    The basic way that you use SimPlates is just like pilots from those flying small Cessnas to those flying Boeing and Airbus airliners do every day. As you virtually approach an airport on your computer, bring up its corresponding plates in the SimPlates app. Use the plate as a guide in flying the approach to landing - just like a real world pilot would. SimPlates is useful for virtual pilots of many desktop flight simulation programs, including Flight Simulator (all versions including FSX, FS2004, and MS-Flight), X-Plane, and more.

    While SimPlates are real-world plates, they are NOT SUITABLE FOR REAL WORLD FLIGHT OPERATIONS and MUST NOT BE USED FOR REAL WORLD FLIGHT OPERATIONS OF ANY SORT. As SimPlates is intended for flight simulation entertainment use, the plates are not kept up to date with real-world aviation changes (worldwide subscriptions for real-world current data over $2000 per year elsewhere!). However, for serious flight simulation entertainment use, the massive collection of plates represents incredible value and capability.

    SimPlates includes over 70,000 real-world IFR plates, including approach plates, SIDs/STARs (Departures/Arrivals), Airport Diagrams, Approach types include ILS, VOR, VOR/DME, NDB, LLZ, SDF, GPS, TACAN, Helicopter and Visual. With so many plates, SimPlates provides very good worldwide coverage. For most countries and major airports of the world, if you are looking for a plates, SimPlates will likely have it. However, the coverage is not universal - please see for the current list of inclusions.

    Supplemental features include an integrated WORLDWIDE Airport/Facilities directory and a worldwide NAVAID (Navigational Aid) directory.

    Simplates' friendly interface makes it easy to find exactly the plate or information you are looking for quickly. As the totality of plates exceeds a whopping 100gb, the plates themselves are not included with your initial download from the AppStore. Rather, they are downloaded on demand when you select them in the app – this generally takes only a few moments per plate, but does require you to be online. Any plates you have downloaded into SimPlates remain on your device (unless cleared) so that you can continue to use them even while offline.

    The SimPlates Team

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    Users comments for SimPlates for Flight Simulator

    Josh Clark

    by Josh Clark

    Sep 10, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Was great until I did an update of the database and now when it opens to the main screen I'm stuck because clicking on anything causes the app to crash on Android tablet 'unfortunately simplates has stopped'. would be 5 stars but the file update has put use of the app at a standstill. UPDATE: reinstalled and the downloaded update again, now it is good. Great app for simers.

    Dean Salman

    by Dean Salman

    Dec 26, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    This downloads the plate as a PDF which I think means they can be used when no Internet. In other words they are saved as a pdf. I did not see where we could choose to save them to a SD card. Easy to find any airport ok I just logged in my Adobe cloud so that works

    Michael Brodie

    by Michael Brodie

    Dec 12, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    In most instances the charts are up to date. Aerodrome charts and approach plates are almost always correct. SIDS and STARS can be out of date, but that's the point really. If it was up to date with every AIRAC cycle it would be prohibitively expensive. Great service thanks.

    Daniel Dawson

    by Daniel Dawson

    Jul 20, 2016  |  "OK"

    I like the idea of the app, but it is unusable on my Nexus 7 2012. It is so slow. When I try to tap on a chart in search it just crashes - the screen goes black and it tells me that the app isn't responding. Same thing happens after I reboot. I spent almost £40 on this and I had no choice but to ask for a refund.

    Ebele Chiemeke

    by Ebele Chiemeke

    Jan 12, 2016  |  "Poor"

    Just a compilation of PDFs that can sourced independently from the Internet. Actually a link, not a compilation, and these are available for free from most country's AIP websites. Nothing ingenious here. Would want a refund if possible. Thought it would be an actual android app.


    by Buckd1ch30

    May 18, 2015  |  "Great"

    For the most part its good. Missing a few new SID and STAR charts from YBBN. Wish the aerodrome charts had gate numbers too