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    Learn Chinese Characters the fun Way! Chinese Characters are difficult to learn, but with cute pictures, native speaker pronunciation, and an encouraging mobile tutor on your side, you will be on your way to speak and recognize the most basic characters of the Chinese Language. The first step in Learning Chinese.

    Simply Chinese is more than just flash cards, you will interact with Chinese characters through sound and pictures, there are exercises and games which will reward you with some delicious fun. So come along and have some fun while you learn Chinese characters.

    Simply Chinese has four sections:

    - Learn, you are presented with two blocks, one with the chinese character and its pronunciation, the other with its picture like that of a flashcard. If you tap on the character block, you will hear the pronunciation again, if you tap on the picture, you will see the English translation.

    - Select Character, is an exercise/game to let you choose one out of four character blocks that corresponds to the presented picture, you can also hear the pronunciation if you tap on the picture, it enforces the association of the character, the pronunciation, and the graphic representation.

    - Select Picture, is similar to Select Character, but the picture and character blocks are reversed.

    - Match Game, is similar to memory games. Tap on the Chinese character with its corresponding picture, the two blocks will disappear, once the board is cleared, you will be rewarded with a delicious surprise. The blocks are not covered, so you are not memorizing the location of the blocks, rather the association of the character and its picture.

    The full version has six categories of characters, which include Numbers, Nature, Directions, Human Body, Animals, and Colors.

    You can select each category individually, which will help you focus on a small set of characters, once you have enjoyed the success of learning them, you can combine them to the configuration of your liking. You change the categories in the setting button.

    Simply Chinese is optimized for both phones and tablets.

    We also have a dedicated memory game called "Simply Chinese Memory Match" to really help you memorize the Chinese characters you learned.

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