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    Small abc by tinytapps.

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    Helping preschoolers prepare for school and life is both exciting and challenging. There is so much information out there that it is hard to sift and sort to determine which are best for your little one.

    We, Tinytapps are all about helping you help your little ones learn and develop!

    Small abc as the name suggests is about small letters of the English language. The app aims at strengthening and developing visual and auditory associations with an emphasis on phonic sound while the activities section is designed to build analytical thinking and recognition skills of the child.

    The Read and Write section has been designed to improve basic reading and writing skills in preschool kids and toddlers. The child learns to recognize the letter and its sound and develops the visual association. An interest in tracing/writing is encouraged through choice of crayons, four lines and the formation arrows. It also helps to develop the fine motor skills while learning the correct formation of the letter.

    The Activities section evaluates the learning and retention of the child. The Drag and Drop activity helps to strengthen the picture and letter association. Blast the Rocket helps the child to recognize the lower case through auditory association while the Matching Activity emphasizes on visual association and recognition.

    Rhythm and rhyme in your child's life will have a tremendous impact on your child's speech, literacy, reasoning, physical, emotional, and social development and that’s what exactly our abc Song does with lots of fun and entertainment.

    Have fun while you learn the small abc !!

    Educational Consultant : Sajeda Jamal
    Voice Over : Mariyah

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