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    "Smart Boating is filled with essential information that every boater needs to be aware of… beginners and professionals alike." - Jeff Hammond, Founder, Power and Motoryacht Magazine. "……. the course does contain a wealth of information in the form of over 250 menu items and 290 engaging questions." Southern Boating Magazine

    The BEST SERIES available & DEFINITIVE GUIDE for the Boater! A professional, "must have" series for the Boater featuring detailed explanations, illustrative examples & demonstrations followed by question & answer format reinforcing the information learned. The Smart Boating Series has more content than any other recreational boating course available and is the definitive Professional Guide for the Boater. Loaded with real-world examples from Captain Steve Larivee, a licensed captain with over 30-years experience, each program will take you from boating basics to a professional, advanced level in no time. A step-by-step approach, illustrative examples, clear demonstrations, followed by a question and answer format review of the subjects taught, allows you to gain the knowledge needed to become proficient in all aspects of boating. The complete series will prepare you for any States Certification test with over 290 questions that reinforce the materials learned. The series includes actual on-the-water footage and over 10-hours of step-by-step lessons. Captain Steve Larivee is a licensed captain with over 30 years of experience. He is the founder and president of Maritime Smarts, the innovative marine education company dedicated to creating a better method of learning recreational boating. His wealth of information and insight is invaluable. It is his desire to pass on this knowledge, so that the most common and uncommon dangers in the water may be avoided.

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    So you've got a brand new Global Positioning System (GPS) and are ready to take on the oceans! Well what are you going to do if it fails? How do you know you've inserted your data correctly? How do you know if you're receiving correct information from the satellites? Navigation is invariably the basis by which you will first be judged by your passengers. This program relies on a number of sources of information to check navigation information. Captain Steve gives you the knowledge to use manual methods to cross check and support your electronic navigation and the tools to give your passengers the confidence to ride aboard with you whether you're heading across the river or across the ocean. Subjects covered include: Plotting Positions by Latitude & Longitude, Chart Symbols & Navigation aids, How to Plot a Course, Time, Speed & Distance Calculations, Dead Reckoning. Bonus Materials - The Bonus Material section can only be accessed via your computer. Please insert the disc into your drive and navigate to the folder named "Bonus Materials". Bonus Material includes: Beaufort Wind Scale, Nautical Chart Symbols & Abbreviations, Homeland Security Warning, Nautical Dictionary, Navigational Aids Chart, Pre-Departure Checklist, Printable Float Plan, PWIA Environmental Guide, PWIA Riding Rules, State Towing Laws, Survival Kit, Types of

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