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    This app looks at smart and future weapons through its 99 videos.

    The first 27 videos are included and the rest can easily be added.

    BLU-108 SFW - Sensor Fused Weapon Textron Promovideo
    FutureWeapons - NLOSLS Non-Line-of-Sight-Launcher-System
    NLOS LS video FO employs PAM
    Future Weapons Sensor Fuzed Weapon
    Spike Missles
    Mariniers bereiden zich voor op uitzending Uruzgan - Pantzerfaust schieten
    AGM-158 JASSM Cruise Missile
    Panzerfaust schieten
    Bofors 155 BONUS
    Ultimate Weapons- Small Diameter Bomb
    Ultimate Weapons- Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier
    Sensor Fuzed Weapon - 1000 Pound Smart Cluster Bomb
    Smart Bombs
    Discovery Channel - Extreme Machine - Smart Weapons - Nuclear bomb segment
    Ultimate Weapons- X-47B
    Ultimate Weapons- The Beowulf
    Some of Irans New Weapons
    Cardboard Warfare
    Future Weapons Sweden 2 2
    Future Weapons Sweden 1 2
    Future Weapons Israel special part 6 - Delilah missileavi
    Future Weapons - Dillion M134 Minigun - wwwwar-weaponscom
    Glock vs Beretta
    Future Weapons-Metal Storm
    Futureweapons - M110
    KRISS Super V - Wins Best Close Quarter Combat Weapon
    new military weapons Bushmaster ACR Remington ACR
    future weapons
    colt 45 combat commander metamorphosis
    Russia vs USA In military technology
    Beriev Be-200 watershow
    Tu160 Blackjack
    NEW-2009 Kord 127 mm Russian HEAVY MACHINE-GUN
    Yugo made Gurtfuller 34 belt loader for MG3442 machine gun belts
    World War II German Infantry weapons Luger Grenade MG34
    The Forgotten Guns of WWII
    Shooting the Russian PKM Machine Gun
    Biggest tank in the world
    Kalashnikov A Man a Weapon a Legend
    Japanese weapon
    AK-103 - Modern Russian Infantry Weapon
    how ak47 works
    FN P90
    10 Best Attack Helicopters in the World - 2012
    Top 10 Military Helicopters
    Rotorfest 2010 - Mass Military Helicopter Departures
    Sikorsky demonstrates new X-2 helicopter
    Kamov Ka-50 Black Shark NATO Code Hokum
    Sikorsky - S-70 Battlehawk Helicopter 480p
    Aero-TV X2 Advancement Sikorsky Prepares for Speed Benchmark
    Sonic Boom
    Future Weapons Tavor Assault Rifle
    Future Weapons Beretta LTLX7000
    Future Weapons - The Power Of Fear - Part 24 Episode 6 Series 1
    Future Weapons - Impact - Part 24 Episode 3 Series 1
    Future Weapons - Impact - Part 14 Episode 3 Series 1
    Future Weapons - Impact - Part 44 Episode 3 Series 1
    Future WeaponsModerne KriegerMULE Wagen
    Future Weapons - First Strike - Part 44 Episode 6 Series 2
    ATK - XM-25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement CDTE Rifle 480p
    Ultimate Weapons- PzH 2000
    Ultimate Weapons- Magpul FMG9
    Ultimate Weapons- Stealth Recon Scout
    Ultimate Weapons- FN P90
    Future Weapons Rafael Matador Wall Breacher
    Ultimate Weapons Sniper Rifles 1 CheyTac M200 Intervention
    Ultimate Weapons- McMillan TAC-50 Sniper Rifles
    Top Ten Bullpups
    Future Weapons - KRISS Vector
    Future Weapons - SABR
    Future Weapons - 416 Barrett Sniper Bullet DMAX German
    Future weapons - M270A1
    Future Weapons - The Archer
    Future Weapons - Search And Destroy - Part 24 Episode 1 Series 2
    Future weapons Super cannon
    Future Weapons - AC-130U Spooky Gunship
    Future Weapons - AH-6X Little Bird UAV
    Future Weapons - Iron Fist
    Future Weapons - CROWS
    Future Weapons - Mark 110 57mm
    Future weapons - MK48
    Future Weapons - Barrett M107 50 SASR
    Future Weapons - Front Line - Part 44 Episode 5 Series 2
    PARODY EvikeTV- The KWA Super V KRISS GBB Concept Prototype Parody
    Invisible Tank - Chameleon Tank changes shape invisible to infrared
    Future Weapons The Ultimate Assualt Riflemov
    Girls Of The Israeli Military
    Future Weapons - No Escape - Part 13 Episode 3 Series 2
    Future Weapons - Search And Destroy - Part 14 Episode 1 Series 2
    Future Weapons - Search And Destroy - Part 34 Episode 1 Series 2
    Future Weapons - Smart Destroyers - Part 24 Episode 9 Series 2
    futuire weapons-shaped charges
    Future Weapons - First Strike - Part 24 Episode 6 Series 2
    Future Weapons - Smart Weapons - Part 14 Episode 5 Series 1
    Future Weapons Massive Attack pt24
    and more

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