SmartBirds is a guide to the birds nesting in Bulgaria (a total of 269 species) and digital observation notebook. It comprises picture of the species included, distribution maps, information about their appearance, diet, the preferred habitats and where to observe them in Bulgaria. Brief information about their breeding, the periods of migration, their conservation status, and the threats that face them is also included. The description the coordinates of the Special Protected Areas of the Natura 2000 network – zones designated especially to protect wild birds will help you find the nearest sites where bird could be observed. The digital notebook allows you to register the observed birds quickly and easily, to precisely determine the GPS coordinates, to automatically register data about the observer, the data and hour of observation; the records could be easily exchanged with friends by e-mail or social media. The section “Guide for Hunters: Birds” provides information on the game species of birds, the commonly hunted species, and the protected birds species, which are often mistaken for huntable species. Information on the hunting periods, the legal restrictions for hunting and a current list of the huntable species is also provided.
    The application is developed by the Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds (BSPB) to enhance the experience of encounters with wild birds for the nature-lovers.

    For more information visit the webpage of BSPB

    The application is developed by PulseDesign.

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