Solar Energy-Photovoltaic Cell

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    Solar Energy-Photovoltaic Cell

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    In this Physics app, learn about the methods of collecting solar energy passively. Understand passive solar systems which include
    • Solar cooker
    • Well-planned indoor heating techniques
    Explore how passive solar buildings are designed to let the heat into the building during winter months and block out the Sun during hot summer months.

    Also, know about the photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic modules, and arrays. See how the photovoltaic arrays are used to power satellites. Many gadgets used in daily life are powered by solar radiation. Some of them are:
    • Solar watches
    • Solar calculators
    • Road signs/blinkers

    Revise whatever you have learnt before by going through a tutorial package which consists of
    • Text
    • Quiz
    • Key terms
    • Main image
    • Web links
    This app has been designed for secondary school students. apps are created by Designmate(I) Pvt. Ltd., a leading e-learning company that pioneers in the use of graphics, animation and simulations to simplify concepts in General science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. For more information, please visit
    We, at Designmate, help you learn science better.

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