Sound Matrix

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    In this Sound Matrix App, items which make sounds are shown in a two-row, two-column matrix. When the student clicks the picture of an item, an animation related to the sound-making item plays in the box on the right side of the screen and the sound can be heard. There are, in this program, three pictures and animations for each sound-making item. Click on the picture to view the next picture and animation. This program can be used by kindergarten children or learning-disabled (autistic or with other disabilities) children of various ages.

    Settings for Sound Matrix App:

    By clicking on “>>” or “<<” the student can view the next or the previous set of sound-making items.

    Auto Play
    Check this box to run the Sound Matrix program automatically; the student can just sit back and watch. To stop the automatic run, uncheck the box.

    This is selected by default. When this option is selected, the student hears a voice name the item and the action and then hears the sound made by the action. If it is unchecked, the student hears only the sound made by the item.

    This option is selected by default. When this box is checked, the name of the item and the action appears just below the picture.

    Click on the “Done” button to close “Sound Matrix” and return to the main screen.