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    Published: 2014-01-10, by Ana Gracia.

    Learn Spanish by translating sentences in a different way

    • Great idea, original
    • Easy to use, useful
    • Design could be improved

    "Choices Everywhere"

    Spanish Touch Trainer is a translation game that will help you practise your Spanish notions.

    With this app, you'll be able to practise constructing sentences and vocabulary, everything to improve your knowledge.

    The app helps you translate sentences by giving you several options like number, tense, verb conjugations and other important features. The method is undoubtedly original and could help you create good translations.

    Grammar is an important part of learning Spanish and that's why they decided to create an important focus. As a disadvantage, the design is not perfect and it's improvable in several aspects.

    Appocado is the developer of Spanish Touch Trainer, available for Android and iOs devices.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Jan 10, 2014


    The popular iPhone App is now available on Android!!

    Spanish Touch Trainer is an immersive sentence translation game unlike any language app you've seen!

    The basic premise behind Spanish Touch Trainer is to engage the user with sentence construction, verb conjugation, and vocabulary broadening all within one elegant interface. It helps train you to produce the correct Spanish word and use it in the correct order. You are not spoon-fed a thick set of grammar rules, but rather gently guided to arrive at correct results by making mistakes, which is how we naturally learn.

    "tackles the complex subject of verb conjugations in the simplest, clearest way imaginable." --M. Schusterman

    "Much more fun than slaving in front of text books." --Jennifer Allen,

    "A fun and effective supplement to your Spanish studies. The focus of this niche app is verb conjugation, arguably the hardest part of learning Spanish for a native English speaker. It has a beautiful user interface and feels game-like, though it is a serious learning tool." --Karen Freeman,

    Key Features

    ● All material created and verified by a native speaker / linguist / Spanish professor.
    ● Verb conjugations are deconstructed within the context of real sentences. This is a new way to help you learn and it is unlike any other Spanish app out there!
    ● No boring flashcards! You become familiar with both the grammar and vocabulary through contextual associations.
    ● A moving cursor on the English sentence lets you easily see how the word ordering changes with the Spanish. This technique will help you master both general sentence construction and pronoun usage and placement, which will take your Spanish to the next level!
    ● Upon completion of each sentence, you can listen to a recording of the sentence from a native Spanish speaker.
    ● Reference material included: verb conjugations, associative noun and adjective dictionaries.
    ● Exercises are either beginner or advanced sets. Beginner sentences contain only present tense verb forms and advanced covers everything else.
    ● Designed to force the Spanish learner to choose the correct word within sentence contexts. We call these "conflict" choices where you must choose between ser/estar or por/para, for example. The most common conflicts for English learners of Spanish are all included!

    Other Features

    ● A randomization engine ensures that your choices for each exercise change each time you play!
    ● Enabled with high-resolution graphics for Retinal displays.

    We're working hard to bring your ideas to future versions of SpanishTT as soon as possible!

    ● Find a bug? Have an idea on how to improve the app? Do you doubt an exercise is correct? All comments are welcome using our website form at

    We reply to all e-mails the same day!

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