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    Welcome to Spell Ninja.

    Spell Ninja is designed for children between 3 to 7 years.
    A fun way to have your child learn the ABC's.

    * The game presents a word for your child to spell. Your child pops the letters as they whoosh across the screen by pressing or swiping with your fingers.

    * With each correct letter a voice pronounces the letter until eventually all the letters have popped completing the word, rewarding your child by displaying the respective image and pronouncing the word with a voice.

    * The game is careful to promote positive achievements by such rewards, while avoiding any negatives for incorrect letters popped.

    * Using the popular fun slash and sliding of your finger across the screen slice and pop letters creating splats and bubbles.

    * Your child has fun listening and learning the simple letters of the alphabet and how they spell and sound the corresponding objects.

    * This release includes 48 animals, each with a high definition cartoon style image which greets your child with a cheer when completing the word by identifying and popping the correct letters.

    * At the end of each round you can press the image to hear the word pronounced again, or press each letter that has been successfully popped to hear the sound of the letter separately.