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    Discover the exciting world of kids spelling games with Spelling Monster. This educational app is a great spelling tool that allows kids to practice their spelling lists and words with fun interactive spelling games. Spelling Monster is a great way to prepare for spelling bees, school spelling tests, and other spelling games and spelling needs. Using Spelling Monster is just a fun way to learn new spelling words. Come and explore this magical world of spelling games with Spelling Monster. If you like spelling games like, Hangman, Word Scramble, Words with Friends, Word Search, Crossword etc., Spelling Monster is the game for you. We will be constantly creating new games and monsters for your kids to enjoy. These educational games will give new twist to classic games. Beatz, Brainy,Zainy and the rest of the spelling monsters will teach your kids how to practice and study their spelling words, with spelling games that are sure to keep them engaged. Just enter your spelling words and the adventure begins!! 

    Join Beatz, our hip party monster, in our Letter Catch Game. The object of the game is to catch the correct letter apples in the basket to complete the spelling word. Be careful, each incorrect apple that is caught in the basket counts as one star,  lose three stars and your game is over.  Better hurry!!! Those apples are dropping fast!!!

    Join Zainy, our quick handed spelling monster, in our Letter Pop Game. The object of this game is to pop the letter bubbles to spell the words. Don’t pop the wrong letter or you will lose a star. You have three stars once they are gone, the game is over.

    Join Brainy, our super smart but forgetful spelling monster, in our Missing Letter Game. Just help Brainy remember the missing letter in the spelling words by filling them in. Fill in the wrong letter and you will lose a star. Lose three stars and the game is over. 

    Join Gus, our clumsy monster, in our Word Jumble Game. Just help Gus unscramble the words. Get the word wrong and you will lose a star. Lose three stars and the game is over.

    Join Ziggy, our super speedy monster, in our Word Traffic Game. Just help Ziggy dodge traffic and collect gas cans to spell your words. Be careful collect the wrong gas can to spell your word and you will lose a star. Lose three stars and the game is over.

    Parents and teachers can track their kids progress with Spelling Monster.  Here are a few of the statistics available on our statistics chart:
    - How often Spelling Monster is used
    - Your child’s spelling word list
    - List and words
    - How many times that list has been played
    - The last date it has been played
    - The length of time it was played

    - Comprehensive activity for practicing spelling words
    - Add your own spelling words
    - Can be used on-the-go no internet connection required
    - HD Graphics and sounds
    - Cool colorful characters
    - Enter as many words as you want and as many lists as you want
    - Statistics Charts
    - Constant upgrades and exciting new characters and games
    - Choose between upper and lower case letters
    - Difficulty setting for younger children
    - Sharing word lists with audio
    - COPPA compliant
    - KidSafe certified

    10/17 "Definitely among the top five spelling apps for Android."

    8/10 "Spelling Monster is a gift from heaven to parents with kids in the early school years. " -Andriod Rundown
    Primary skill taught
    Comprehensive Spelling

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