Spoken English (中文翻译)




    This is an app specifically targeted to people who speak Chinese and want to learn English slang, e.g. 'at the end of the day', 'corny', 'to rock', 'up to something', 'real deal', etc, expressions which to native English speakers seem very natural but which are often quite confusing or even nonsensical to English learners.

    The app has full Chinese language functionality, with side-by-side comparisons of the English and Chinese text, translated by native Chinese speakers from English into Chinese. There is also something for English speakers who want to learn Chinese as well - all the Chinese has been translated into pinyin! So you can use this app to practice some very (地道) (native-sounding) Chinese sentences!

    Users can click on the slang to hear it pronounced.

    The app uses a quiz format to teach people by challenging them to think. There are four choices about what the meaning of the slang expression is. The mental challenge will hopefully help users remember the words later.

    Made by an English teacher.

    It has no ads and doesn't need to connect to the Internet.