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    Parents & Teachers - Quickly and easily set up personalized spelling tests for your children, using the words you want them to learn, or download from over 150 pre-recorded tests, created by us. The app allows you to set up tests, enter words and then record audio versions of those words for your children to listen back to before they spell them. Stats on each child let you see how they're doing and which words they're struggling with.

    Children - rescue Squeebles and earn goes on the squeeberang game by doing well in your spelling tests. Win stars to trade for better squeeberangs to use in the game by spelling words correctly.

    Features (from a parent / teacher point of view)...

    Absolutely no in-app purchases, ads or links to the internet for any reason.
    The fun mini-game and reward system is set up so that your child will want to keep coming back to do more and more spelling tests so they can progress through the game.
    Unlimited players can be registered, making this ideal for home or classroom use.
    Easy to use "Parent / Teacher Zone" allows you set up and manage tests, add and edit players and view stats from each player.
    Unlimited, completely personalized tests can be set up and assigned to different players, meaning weekly spelling lists from school can be entered as their own tests.
    Share tests between up to 10 devices using our Spelling Share feature.
    Download over 150 pre-recorded tests. Whilst these were originally created to fit with the UK National Curriculum, they are completely customizable, so spellings or recordings can be changed to suit US English or regional accents.
    Add unlimited words to each test.
    Words can be set as being case-sensitive or not, meaning names or other words that need a capital letter can be included and tested on.
    Audio record function within the app lets you quickly and easily record each word in your voice.
    A personalized congratulations message can also be recorded for when your child scores full marks, meaning for example that your own rewards can be worked into the test... "Well done! You can go to the park with your friends now!"
    Players can be set so they see the words before being asked spell them as well as hear them.
    Tests can be assigned to multiple players.
    Instructions and other preset content can be displayed in UK or US English.
    The keyboard each child sees can be set to be shown in lower or upper case letters depending on your preference.
    Full stats, including a list of tricky words that each child is struggling with, can be viewed.

    Features (from a child's point of view)...

    Rescue the Squeebles from the Spelling Snake, who has taken them prisoner.
    Answer spellings correctly to win time on the squeeberang game (a fun game the Squeebles love to play where you throw a squeeberang as far as you can with a Squeeble sitting on it!!!)
    Earn stars to trade for squeeberangs by doing well in your spelling tests. Each squeeberang has a different theme and its own stats. There are 100 to collect in total.
    See your top scores on squeeberang displayed in the high score table.
    See the Squeebles you've rescued, including their personalities and stats.
    See all the squeeberangs you've collected, along with their stats.
    Have fun whilst doing your spellings!

    Our other apps have been featured on BBC Radio as well as in the Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and many online app review sites specialising in children's educational apps. They consistently get positive reviews from media and more importantly, from parents and children.



    UPDATE 5.1: Numbers have not been removed from the keyboard - they are just on the second screen now (with the accented characters).

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    Sky Wickenden

    by Sky Wickenden

    Dec 06, 2017  |  "Good"

    This app is fantastic in many ways, however it fails in one very important way. When a spelling is incorrect the correct spelling is shown alongside a button to continue. I have noticed that this button is just pressed immediately, giving no time for learning the correct spelling. This leads to reinforcing the incorrect spelling - which is the last thing we want! This could be solved by having the child enter the correct spelling with the word visible and playing a negative sound when an incorrect character is pressed and a positive sound when it is correct. Only showing the proceed button once it has been entered. This could be an option in the player settings if needed. I hope you will consider adding something along these lines. Edit: thanks for the reply. I look forward to seeing what you do with it

    Jenn G

    by Jenn G

    Oct 22, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Got this app less than 10 min ago, and so far we love it. My son hates studying, but I really believe this will help. LOVE that you can add your own words. It's your own recorded voice your child hears, not a robotic voice that misprounces or doesn't enunciate. You can make multiple spelling lists and have multiple users, each with their own personalized lists. Definitely worth the money.

    andrew tull

    by andrew tull

    Oct 13, 2017  |  "OK"

    Uses a keyboard for letter selection. Kids don't know how to type so get fustrated finding letters.

    Jo Povall

    by Jo Povall

    Sep 02, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Amazing app. My daughter who hates doing spelling had now asked me to upload he next four weeks of tests on to it. I had been using another app but that messed up after an update. So glad I found this. It s brilliant and got my daughter engaged and motivated in spelling

    Madeleine Clemons

    by Madeleine Clemons

    Jul 16, 2017  |  "Great"

    It's great but this is the 2nd time I'm going to need to uninstall and reinstall because the sound has become distorted

    V Jenkins

    by V Jenkins

    Jun 30, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Best educational thing I've bought, my son loves doing his spellings now and has improved so much!