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    Are you doing math with an abacus? No? Well, why are you using Z-score tables? Enter the mean and standard deviation of a bell curve, and this application computes the area under the curve to the left of any value you specify.

    Or, compute the value on a bell curve given the area beneath it.

    "Statistics Pro" contains a rich collection of solvers, examples and tutorials:

    - Data analysis solver that computes the mean, standard deviation, 1st quartile, median, 3rd quartile, and outlier thresholds for up to 30 data values
    - Linear regression solver that computes the best-fit line and correlation coefficient on up to 30 points
    - Normal Distributions
    - Chebyshev's Theorem
    - Chi Squared Distributions
    - Poisson Distributions
    - Exponential Distributions
    - T-Tests for one and two means
    - Confidence Intervals
    - Uniform random number generator
    - Binomial random number generator
    - Gaussian random number generator
    - Poisson random number generator
    - Exponential random number generator

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