Steering Wheel Position

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    This App displays the position of the front wheels of a car, with the phone mounted on the steering wheel.

    One of the difficulties facing learner drivers, apart from co-ordinating all four limbs simultaneously to propel the vehicle in the correct manner, is knowing the position of the steering wheel with respect to the actual steering angle of the front wheels, especially when parallel parking, turning round using forward and reverse gears and reversing round a corner. This App displays the position of the front steering wheels, as the steering wheel is rotated.
    To use this App, the phone is attached to the centre of the steering wheel, ideally with self adhesive velcro strips, so that the phone can be attached and removed easily. With the steering wheel in the straight driving position, attach the phone to the centre of the steering wheel and launch the application. As the steering wheel is turned, the display on the phone remains upright and shows the position of all four of the vehicle’s wheels. This enables the learner driver to anticipate the behaviour of the vehicle, when the drive is applied to the wheels and achieve the necessary understanding of the relationship with the steering wheel and the front wheels.

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