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    Stories for Kids is a delightful collection of reading apps, ideal for both young learners of English and young native speakers. Each volume contains four wonderfully original and entertaining stories on the adventures of twins Danny and Tessa and their magical pet, Dennis the Duck. The stories are aimed at children from approximately 5 to 10 years old and can be enjoyed in different ways:

    ● Children listen and read (Read to Me)
    ● Children or parents/adults read (Read by Myself)

    Not only are Stories for Kids fun, they are also designed to encourage young readers to read more and to practise basic reading and literacy skills, while at the same time engaging them in day-to-day concerns related to this particular stage in their life.

    Each volume contains four stories with illustrations, native-speaker audio and the story text.

    Stories for Kids 1 – Contents:
    The Magic Pencil Case
    Girls Can Play Golf
    Can Ducks Speak?
    Say "Cheese"!

    Also available:
    Stories for Kids 2 – Contents:
    The Chorebot
    School Holiday
    Dennis's Dinner
    My Duck Is an Alien!

    Stories for Kids 3 – Contents:
    Once Upon a Time ...
    Mr and Mrs Backwards
    Mum’s Pizzas Are the Best!
    My Diary, by Danny

    Stories for Kids FREE – Contents:

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