Structure of antibody

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    ‘Structure of antibody’ explains the molecular details of an antibody, the body’s most effective natural weapon against foreign invaders – the antigens. The app also makes you conversant with its mode of action and specificity.

    ‘Structure of antibody’ is especially designed for students of ‘Secondary School’.

    ‘Structure of antibody’ enlightens the user on:
    • Molecular details of antibody
    • Light chains and heavy chains
    • Disulphide bonds between the chains
    • Variable and constant regions
    • Mode of action of antibodies

    ‘Structure of antibody’ features:
    • Highly informative HD video with 3D graphics
    • Supportive text matching the narrative
    • Formative multiple choice quiz
    • Important weblinks
    • Excellent quality image
    • Definitions of technical terms using words and images

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