Structure of neuron

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    ‘Structure of neuron’ acquaints you with the detailed structure of neuron, the basic unit of the nervous system. It also elucidates the specificity of orientation of neurons across the body for conduction of nerve impulses.

    ‘Structure of neuron’ has been visualized to meet the curriculum demands of ‘High School’ Biology learners.

    The comprehensive app explains at length
    • Axon, cyton and dendrites
    • Nissl bodies and neurofibrils
    • Structure of Schwann cells
    • Structure of axon hillock
    • Myelin sheath and Nodes of Ranvier
    • Details on terminal boutons
    • Structure of neuroglial cell

    ‘Structure of neuron’ comprises the following modules:
    • Captivating 3D graphics in HD animation video
    • Relevant text matching the narrative
    • Multiple choice quiz
    • Important weblinks
    • Well-crafted image of excellent quality
    • Definitions of technical terms using words and images

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