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    Student's Pet is a compact application meant to maximize the productivity of any student.
    One way this is accomplished is through the elimination of replication. Redudancy can be annoying and this application tries to scale it back while still being informative. We do this by the use of assignment types. An assignment type is a user defined type that holds a name and a value. This is great for sequential assignments (Quiz 1, Quiz 2, Quiz 3... etc) where the name and point value is reused. You could define Quiz as being worth 20 points and then re-use it wherever necessary.

    The built in calendar is an important tool that we take advantage of. It's core framework allows events to be added as well as reminders, and by using that we can use reliable code written by google that already works. The application will sync due dates with your calendar allowing you to see due dates from anywhere(from

    The agenda view is another piece to the puzzle. Although you can look at course specific assignments and switch between courses to see what's comming up, the agenda view allows you to see an aggregate of all your courses in one list. It even color codes items based on how long you have left.

    Customization is always good, and allowing users to define things is important to me. Because of this, I've implemented the concept of a format. Formats are used throughout the application from formatting how courses and assignments are shown to how a date or time is displayed. These are modifiable by the user and fully documented.

    Adding several sequential assignments can be a pain; even when all you have to do is change the assignment # and the due date. Well, while I was working out this new update, I implemented a Batch Add form. It's a small dialog that let's you add a batch of assignments sequentially. All you need to do is set the due date and hit add. It keeps track of the # for the particular assignment type and allows you to switch between types while retaining the proper count.

    *Please note that android phones without the standard google calendar provider may not place nicely with calendar sync. HTC Sense and Motoblur and the others that refuse to use google's setup have created their own calendars and locked them down. Complain to htc, moto... not me :)

    If you have any feedback, good or bad; please email me and let me know. If something isn't working, please contact me and I'll fix it :)

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