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    Study Guide Pro is the application that can make you improve your studies, having at your fingertips all the features you need in your daily life:

    •Courses management
    You can store different courses with corresponding data (subjects, teachers, etc).

    •Subjects management
    You can also keep your subjects, manage their topics and access to the repository where you can attach your notes, photos, etc. to the topics.

    •Task Management
    Record your pending tasks, marking the completed and grades.

    You can write down your progress in the study of subjects and grade tests and assignments.

    You can keep your schedule and exams.

    The application has a configurable alarm that will alert you to deliver upcoming exams or assignments.

    There are 3 widgets available for schedule and tasks of the courses that activate with widget visible.

    •Study techniques
    With the study techniques you will learn to plan better your schedule and your performance in the study to pass the exams.

    •Train your memory and perception
    Train and challenges your memory and perception with three games with various difficulty levels.

    In addition to study techniques in this version you have "Your Corner" with new explanations and new features to make it easier for the student “the study time” (the plank for example where you have summarized what to study or task to do on that day and time).

    If you find any error send an email to the developer mailing, if possible, android version of the device and description of the error, we will fix it as soon as possible.

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