Study-Pro / Beginner BB / C&J

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    Easily learn and then quiz yourself on your Beginner Bible Bowl questions. Set the range for any of the 5 blocks, then either list the questions/answers, or quiz yourself randomly using the Flashcards feature. A game feature allows you to answer the questions yourself by tapping on the correct word! You may also limit the range to Select, Core, or Quotes!

    This version of Study-Pro is for the Beginner Bible Bowl program of the Christian Church/Church of Christ and contains the 2013-14 study text and questions of CONQUEST AND JUDGES (Selections from Joshua, Judges, Ruth) in the ESV.
    The use of the ESV text is licensed from Crossway, and the app price is reflective of this fee plus other costs required to bring this app to market.

    Support for this app is available through May 2014. This app will continue to function after this date, but no further updates or support will be offered.