Sun Pull

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    This new gravity App called 'SUN PULL' is help you re-design the solar system.

    The App loads with the 2013 solar system and takes the total gravitational pull of its planets and moons on the Sun as 100.
    Orbits run from the Sun, as Mercury(ME), Venus(V), Earth(E), Mars(MA), Jupiter(J), Saturn(S), Uranus(U), Neptune(N).
    If a planet has multiple moons then the App uses their total mass.
    Green bodies are active or present in the solar system, and Orange bodies are inactive or absent from the solar system.
    Click one or more bodies to change their status, and the App gives the new gravitational pull of planets and moons on the Sun.

    When the App is loaded showing 100, clicking the green Jupiter(J) gives a new pull value of 25.066 showing the contribution of Jupiter to the total gravitational pull of planets and moons on the Sun as being 74.934%. This can be done for any planet or their moons. Click green bodies to move them out of the solar system, or click orange bodies to add them to the solar system. This App should also work at least approximately for other orbital gravitational systems that involve proportionate forces and orbits.

    Moving both Mercury and Venus into Earth's orbit cuts the Sun Pull to 93.812, and then moving Mars into Earth's orbit makes it 94.203. Of course this App looks at the pull of planetary bodies on the Sun, not the more common looking at the pull of the Sun on planetary bodies.

    If you do not actually have the ability to move planets and moons, the App may only be useful to somebody working in Science Fiction. This interesting gravity App does have limitations, but other related Apps may well follow.